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IndieLitWorld/com is designed to do two things at the same time. First, this is a site devoted to readers and authors who are interested in contemporary politics and the problems of democratic societies. All of the reading samples, both fiction and nonfiction, that are posted on the site are about politics, public policy or the problems faced by modern democracies. This site is not for everyone, but it is definitely for those people who are interested in the subject matter.

Beginning with the great fiscal meltdown in October of 2008, it has been obvious that the United States and most of Western Europe have entered a period of profound political and fiscal instability – certainly the most serious crisis since the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929. On the surface, the crisis appears to be about government spending and debt – massive Federal debt in the United States now exceeding $14 Trillion dollars, huge unfunded and underfunded liabilities in most of the American States, and excessive Sovereign debt in countries including Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland -- and about the seeming inability of democratic governments to manage deficit spending. However, the accumulation of these debts is basically a reflection of the willingness of office-holders in these societies to violate every notion rule of fiscal prudence. Why would they do this – that is the question? Once we understand the cause, what can we as democratic citizens do to address the causes of our crises?

Second, IndieLitWorld.com is an eBook social networking site, designed to give opportunity, marketing support and encouragement to new voices in fiction, nonfiction and memoirs. The purpose of the site is to bring together writers and readers in a manner that is challenging and supportive of both groups -- recreating a community of mutual interest and enjoyment that has long since passed from the traditional world of publishing. In doing do, the site brings together serious people who are deeply concerned about the condition of our democracies and what might be done to cure the terrible malaise and fiscal crisis in which we find ourselves.

IndieLitWorld.com is finally an author’s publishing cooperative, where all authors will benefit from the marketing and promotional efforts of each other. The site does not sell books at this time. However, we will load and promote samples of various appropriate manuscripts permitting the author to put links in each manuscript that will take readers to locations where they can purchase the books. What do we expect back? We will actively market to attract readers who are interested in public policy, politics and government, and who are the likely audience for authors who write in this genre, in fiction, nonfiction and memoirs.

The owner and author of this site, Dr. Gordon S. Black, is a published author (The Politics of American Discontent, 1994) and an expert on American politics, public opinion, and American Government. He will write a regular blog on this site dealing with the issues facing our democracies at this critical time in our history. These essays, all approximately 1000 to 1200 words long, will be sent embedded in emails to all of those readers and authors registered on the site. He will urge them to forward the essay to others who might be interested in participating in this endeavor with the eventual objective of building an large and growing audience that runs well into the tens of thousands of readers and authors. The essays will also be sent to a wide range of other audiences who might join us on this site.

We seek to create an international “community of citizens” – serious people who love their countries and their democracies and who want to join with like-minded other people to understand what can be done to save our democracies and our prosperity for our children and grandchildren. We approach this crisis like we suppose a doctor must approach an illness. Unless the doctor understands accurately the cause of an illness, there is no chance that the doctor will prescribe the correct medicine. That is true for us as citizens – unless we accurately assess this crisis that we face, we are unlikely to promote a correct solution. That is our underlying long term objective – to understand and agree upon solutions to this pervasive failure of our democratic systems that we are witnessing daily

Over time, this site belongs to the participating readers and authors -- it is yours! I will welcome your suggests for new functionality for the site, ideas for my blog, or any other suggestions you might want to make. I am one person, but together we are many. I hope that the views of the many can shape this effort over time..

Thanks for joining,

Gordon S. Black,