• Claude Nougat
    Columbia U. grad (economics), United Nations veteran (25 years,FAO, project specialist, ended as Director for Europe and Central Asia), writer of fiction and non fiction (published in Italian and English), painter (15 shows in Paris and Rome). Lives in Italy. For independent views on pu....
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  • Humberto Sachs
    Humbertoís life resembles the fantasy of time travel. His adventures span from a primitive setting in Brazil to engineering space ships. By 1965 he was advocating automation. He piloted an aircraft surviving a crash and sailed alone in stormy seas. Tragedies experiencing near starvation, being sho....
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  • Patricia (Pat) R Benjamin
    Pat grew up in Detroit, Michigan, participating in the Civil Rights Movement with Martin Luther King Jr. She then became part of the growing Feminist movement. In 1979, Pat began an energy conservation company which ran into political interference. In 1992 Pat re-entered politics joining Ross Perot&....
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  • David Rosenak
    Dave Rosenak is a Purdue engineering graduate and served in the U.S. Army on Okinawa and in Viet Nam. He has built, run, and eventually sold two successful manufacturing companies. Dave lives with his wonderful wife Judy and their dog Tux. Dave and Judy have been married since 1969 and have thr....
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  • Mark M Quinn
    Quinn grew up in a Machine dominated ward in Chicago. He has written and spoken extensively on local and national politics and organized crime. His background as a professional money manager has resulted in an uncanny ability to follow the money and get to the very heart of his subjects. His inv....
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  • Gordon S Black
    Gordon S. Black, one of the founders of IndieLitWorldwide.com, is the retired CEO and Chairman of Harris Interactive, the owner of the Harris Poll. When he retired in 2005, his company was the fastest growing market research firm in the world. Today, he is the author of three manuscripts on this si....
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DEATH ON FACEBOOK, Short Stories For The Digital Age
By:  Claude Nougat
Description:  An innovative take on storytelling: contemporary short stories with an unexpected punchline.
Category:  Fiction
Genre:  Contemporary, Literary Fiction
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The Next Genesis
By:  Humberto Sachs
Description:  We supported rebellions in foreign lands because we believed that nations must be accountable to the public voice. Yet, by 2021, when movements like "Occupy" and feverish internet creates chaos in the American streets, our government proves to be ineffective and the conflict sheds blood. Our socioeconomic system is fast collapsing. The government and the people are divided by partisan ideologies and too many are corrupted by the taste of power. We no longer can deal with the real issues while Seattle mavericks want freedom including the right of self-defense instead of being expendable. They also want justice because until now the law primarily serves the wealthy. They oppose the reign and the pomp of plutocrats, a new breed of aristocrats. And so the story starts. Will we survive?
Category:  Fiction
Genre:  Science Fiction, Contemporary, Action/Adventure
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Running Amok - Our Grandchildren Will Curse Us
By:  David Rosenak
Description:  Running Amok is a witty poignant humorous book looking at what we should be doing to improve our society, our government, and life on Planet Earth for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, and the generations to come.
Category:  Memoir
Genre:  Politics / Int. Affairs, Humor/Satire
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The Chairman's Challenge, A Continuing Novel Of Big City Politics
Submitted By Mark M Quinn - on Nov 02 2011
The Chairmanís Challenge, A Continuing Novel of Big City Politics, takes the reader further into the gears of the political Machine that has an iron grip on a city remarkably reminiscent of Chicago in the last decade of the 20th century. The novelís protagonist, Chairman Eamon DeValera Collins, i...
In This List: Politics / Int. Affairs,Historical Fiction,
The Strange Patient In Room 119
Submitted By Gordon S Black - on Oct 21 2011
A man wakes up in the VA hospital in Palo Alto, Californiaórestrained, badly beaten and tortured, and with no memory of what has happened to him or why. Although he does not remember it, he was the witness of a massacre of 8000 Taliban prisoners of war by the troops of the Northern Alliance in Nove...
In This List: Politics / Int. Affairs,Military/Espionage,Commercial Fiction
The Chairman, A Novel Of Big City Politics
Submitted By Mark M Quinn - on Nov 02 2011
The political origin of the president of the United States lies in the gritty machine politics of the Chicago. His right hand man is the son and brother of the Second Cityís most storied mayors. If one wants to understand the motivations and thought processes of the current administration, one mu...
In This List: Politics / Int. Affairs,Historical Fiction,