By: Gordon S Black
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The Little Girl That Could


The Little Girl is the story of a dyslexic student who meets a gifted teacher, where they prevail together!


What is it like for a child to suffer from dyslexia and not be able to read? This is the story of just such a girl, Maddy Stein, age eleven, as told by her son, Seth Stein, many years later. When any child cannot do what other children can do, the effect is humiliating, producing fear, avoidence, and great shame in the afflicted child. Dyslexia is a disability, and life is about confronting our disabilities and overcoming them. We all have them! Maddy Stein is "the little girl who could" using a paraphrase of the title of the beloved children's book, The Little Engine that Could." The book is also about the gifted teacher, who believed in changing the world one child at a time and taught Maddy about a lot more than simply reading.

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